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HTM Introduction

HTM Shipping Co., Ltd., specialized in international ship management and service and international crew dispatching, was founded in 2005 in Shanghai. The Company holds the Registration for Operation of Auxiliary Businesses Relating to International Maritime Transportation issued by the Shanghai Port Authority (HuZi-MA035) and Qualification Certificate for Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service issued by the MARITIME SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (No.: HYWP02014,). Our main businesses include ocean-going shipping management, crew service, technical service, international maritime transportation and ocean-going ship investment consulting etc.

The Company is now managing 12 world-wide trading general cargo ships and bulk carriers with total capacity more than 680,000DWT and average age less than 8 years. DOC were issued by BV class.

We not only have a vibrant, high quality, young and innovative shore-based management team, but also have a first-class quality, skilled, strong sense of service and relatively stable crew team. We’re leading the trend of small and medium shipping companies in information management, quality and safety management, revenue and cost control, crew training and so on.

   Shipping dept:MR. Yinson

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